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About Us,

La Bellezza E La Vita, is Italian for “The Beautiful Life.” We have lived in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for nearly 20 years now.  It all started with attending a few conventions with friends and family. Manufactures, distributors, and wholesalers from around the world come to Las Vegas looking for retailers. At the end of the conventions, most of the products on display were discounted because they would rather sell everything at a discount than have to pack everything back up and ship it back to what ever country they are from. This is how we started to build a relationship with out vendors. We try to find manufactures that will allow us to sell their products with 100 to 300% saving off of retail prices. We can do this because we do not have the costs of a store front or inventory expenses. We try to find products that make life more beautiful. We pride ourselves in finding the best quality products.

If you are a manufacture or have a suggestion for a unique product please feel free to email us sales@labellezzaelavita.com

We offer total support after the sale as you’re business is important to us!

Thank You for your business!

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